Man Matters BeardGro Beard Growth Tonic for Men 30ml | 1.5% Aminexil, 4% Moringa, 4% Goksura & 2% LashLD | Thicker beard growth, Stimulates beard follicles, Softens Beard | Naturally Sourced & Scientific-based Formula

Man Matters BeardGro Beard Growth Tonic for Men 30ml | 1.5% Aminexil, 4% Moringa, 4% Goksura & 2% LashLD | Thicker beard growth, Stimulates beard follicles, Softens Beard | Naturally Sourced & Scientific-based Formula

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Product Description

Beard Gro TonicBeard Gro Tonic Improve beard thickness safely Transform your beard

This alcohol-free beard tonic has a 15.5% concentration of scientifically proven actives like Aminexil and Tripeptides that promote beard development by stimulating facial hair follicles and promoting healthy hormone levels. It nourishes beard follicles, giving you a thicker beard with use.

Promotes beard development from the root Beard Gro TonicBeard Gro Tonic

Beard Gro Tonic

Targets the root cause

With 1.5% Aminexil and 2% LashLD

These world-class ingredients work together to improve blood circulation to the follicles & nourish.

Beard Gro Tonic

Moisturise & soften hair

With 4% Moringa

Moringa softens and conditions the beard while smoothening unruly hair, luscious mane with lustre.

Beard Gro Tonic

From the roots

With 4% Red Clover

It holds many vitamins and nutrients, such as Vitamin C and Potassium to strengthen follicles.

Beard Gro Tonic

Activate thickness

With 4% Gokshura

Gokshura promotes healthy male hormone levels & helps maintain beard health.

1 Double Power 2 Soften + Care 3 Strengthen Follicles 4 Balances Hormones

Beard Gro Tonic Step 1

Use a gentle face wash to clear your face of impurities before applying the tonic.

Beard Gro Tonic Step 2

Massage 1ml of tonic into the facial beard area.

Beard Gro Tonic Step 3

Once applied, wash your hands to clean the residue of the tonic.

Beard Gro Tonic Use with Gummies

Using it with our Beard Gummies further helps by providing the body with vital internal nutrition.

How To Use

1 Cleanse 2 Apply 3 Wash Hands 4 For Best Results

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Beard Gro TonicBeard Gro Tonic

What is the difference between beard oil and this BeardGro Tonic? Why is this superior to normal beard serums or oils?

Aminexil is clinically proven to activate dormant hair follicles for improving density and filling patches. Beard oils or serums do not do this, and tend to be heavier on beard. This beard tonic is lightweight making it ideal for all-day use!

Does this beard tonic initially cause shedding of beard?

Using this beard hair tonic may initially lead to some shedding but it’s part of the treatment. The treatment synchronizes the beard development cycle which results in the phasing out of extremely weak hair, thus the shedding.

Can I apply this beard tonic on my face after derma rolling? Do I need to wait 8-24 hours?

You can apply this beard tonic right after dermarolling. It’s advised to use a roller with 0.5 mm needles.

Does this beard tonic cause irritation?

This beard tonic is an alcohol-free formula, which means you won’t experience acne, itching or irritation. Regular use may cause dryness of the skin or facial hair, but this varies. A face moisturiser can be applied after a gap of 2 hours.

Is this beard tonic water-based?

Yes, it is a water-based solution. This makes it light and non-sticky. You’ll barely notice it once you have it on.

For effective results, use it with BeardBeard Man Matters Beard Gummies

Stimulates beard follicles, Makes existing growth thicker, Improves beard density

BeardBeard Man Matters Advance Beard Derma Roller

Helps in increasing blood flow to beard follicles and improves blood circulation

Thicker beard growth – This beard tonic also has tri-peptides which nourishes the follicles by releasing amino acids at the site of the hair follicle to strengthen the hair strands. This essential nutrient leads to denser growth. The improved nutrition thanks to vasodilation and the high concentration of growth actives also help improve growth.
Growth of new beard hair – Gokshura in this beard tonic has the ability to boost the hormone most crucial for beard growth – DHT, leading to development of new follicles. Gokshura, along with Red Clover and Moringa helps in boosting hair follicle density leading to denser beard growth. Continued use will significantly improve your beard!
1.5% Aminexil – Aminexil stimulates beard hair follicles. Regular use of this beard serum boosts the beard development process, resulting in denser and thicker beard. Aminexil acts as a vasodilator, i.e. it widens blood vessels, allowing for more oxygen, blood and nutrients to reach the facial hair follicles, enhancing growth.
For best results: Apply once a day, daily.


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